Sean Anderson, originally from South Africa, is based in Vancouver, BC. As a troubled teen, Sean started down a very dark path, coming in and out of rehab for a number of years and getting involved in criminal activity. Years later, after many different attempts at cleaning up, Sean came to realize that it is only through the power of Christ that he could find his way. In 2007 Sean was saved and later baptized in Port Coquitlam, BC.

Sean is Rapture Raps and a co-founder of C.R.O.W.N. Movement, an independent label dedicated to spreading the gospel through Rap. Rapture’s personal mission is to reach those who have, or are currently walking down the path he was on, and help them discover Christ. From a young age, music has been a major influence in his life, and having practiced his craft since the age of 14, he’s constantly grinding and developing as an artist. Rapture has built up his studio over the past few years and learned how to mix and master, evolving his sound to what you hear today. 

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~Spark that Light in dark places~